Board Member Leah Dilbeck

LeahLeah Dilbeck is a new MWBA Board Member for 2015.  Leah is the new MWBA Fun Committee and organized our first MWBA Beer Night Social.  We are very excited about her enthusiasm!

Leah started mountain biking in her teen years and always loved the thrill of flying down a hill faster than she could ever run!  Her passion & love of cycling comes from the pure peace and connection with nature found on the trail. It’s a time for adventure with friends, to enjoy the solitude of a solo ride, or just work off the indulgences of the weekend.

Leah joined MWBA to to help promote our sport, advocate for our freedom to ride, and give back to the trails that give so much to her. She lives in the SGV Foothills with her husband, two youngest children (two more are away at college) & her trail dogs. Leah has been a Realtor since 1998 & truly loves what she does. It’s like riding – you are always making friends along the way.

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Board Member Kamyar Ghaneabassiri

1623191_280790122088993_1674752203_nKamyar Ghaneabassiri is one of MWBA’s new Board Members for 2015. He is also the new Treasurer.

Please welcome “Kam” and be sure to say hello to him if you see him out on the trails!

In 2005, shortly after moving to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Kamyar started mountain biking as a way to explore his local trails and fire roads.  He quickly realized that mountain biking provided more than just a gratifying way of trekking through the San Gabriels. It is a way to get exercise, maintain a high spirit, connect with nature, make new friends, and be reminded of a feeling that’s easily forgotten: the focused joy of childhood.

Kamyar has since continued to explore the San Gabriels and beyond.  He joined MWBA as a way to give back to the community and support the activity that has provided him with so much.  Time permitting, Kamyar also enjoys backpacking, gardening, and playing various instruments poorly.  Kamyar is an attorney for SoCalGas and lives in Glendale with his wife and young daughter.

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