Why Join MWBA?

Our trail work volunteers depend on our membership for tool & materials funding.
Our trail work volunteers depend on your membership dues for tool & materials funding.

Your MWBA membership shows you support both your local and national mountain biking community.

Not everyone has time to volunteer for trail work; however, membership is inexpensive and is what makes MWBA possible. Tools, insurance, and other operating costs are funded by our membership dues. Your contribution is essential to keeping MWBA working for your mountain bike access!

MWBA represents the best in mountain biking by encouraging trail courtesy, volunteer trail work, cooperation with other trail user groups, and grassroots advocacy for MTB access.

  • We create a powerful voice for trails, public lands and management policies that welcome bikes.
  • We advocate for mountain bike access and acceptance nationwide.
  • We build sustainable trails that are fun to ride and durable.
  • We teach environmentally responsible trail building and trail etiquette practices.
  • We inspire more people to experience the outdoors on bicycles.

To bring more support to the local area, the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association became an official chapter of IMBA.

IMBA’s national presence has helped MWBA become more effective at creating and protecting mountain biking in our area.

IMBA’s legal and lobby support was essential in MWBA’s success with the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. IMBA’s advice and national voice was key to helping MWBA protect mountain bike access in our loved San Gabriels.

Your membership is actually a joint-membership of both MWBA and IMBA. Join today!

Your membership contribution supports both organizations and you’ll get all the benefits of dual membership.

Please take a moment to review the benefits of IMBA membership. You’ll see plenty of reasons to join or renew your membership, such as:

  • Subaru VIP Program: Get $1,300 – $3,300 off MSRP on a new Subaru
  • One-year subscription to a variety of bicycle magazines
  • IMBA stickers, membership card and other cool stuff
  • 4 issues per year of IMBA Trail News
  • Discounts on IMBA Store merchandise and event registration
  • Special offers and discounts on everything from bike and outdoor gear to health insurance