The Radavist features MWBA, CORBA, & the Ken Burton Trail

If you haven’t visited The Radavist, you are missing out.

John Watson’s website is a great resource for all things bicycle. New products, honest reviews, and features that span interests from bike packing trips, gravel grinders, cross racing, cargo bikes, and mountain biking. Truly a well rounded source for all things with pedals.

Not only does The Radavist provide quality articles, but also great photography. Beyond his website, John has a strong following on Instagram with his official The Radavist account as well as his personal one.

John has a close relationship with Golden Saddle Cyclery, one of MWBA’s valued Bike Shop Collective members, and over the last few years became a frequent visitor to our Angeles National Forest trails. He enjoyed pedaling in Southern California so much that John pulled up his tent stakes in Austin, Texas and made the move to Los Angeles. Welcome to LA, John!

Recently, John joined a number of Golden Saddle’s customers on a Ken Burton trail work day.

Both MWBA and CORBA have been working overtime on Ken Burton in hopes to open the trail in Spring 2016. The Radavist article has a wonderful photo gallery of the many volunteers that are putting their sweat into restoring Ken Burton.

Here are a few of John’s great photos from the trail work day. There are many more in his article gallery you should check out as well. All photos below copyright John Watson/The Radavist.

Beyond the photo gallery, The Radavist and Ace from the Sleepers shot video on the trail work day.

The video has a great interview with Steve Messer of CORBA and cameos by Mike and Robin McGuire.

Shot and Edited by Ace Carretero
Sound Design by Riccardo Stanley Mejia

A big thank you to John Watson and Ace from the The Sleepers for putting together this great work about our local trail work efforts.