SoCal High School Bicycling League Can Move Mountains!!

It’s true! The league moved a whole lot of dirt around last Saturday on Upper Brown to make the trail safer to ride and hike.

Usually, when these kids gather together, they are competing for a podium position. However, on Saturday,  over 50 kids convened from the San Gabriel Valley Composite, Crescenta Valley HS, Clark Magnet HS, San Marino HS,  and St. Francis HS, along with some coaches and parents, and worked as a cohesive group. The parking lot was a mob! A huge thank you goes to Banner Moffat from Friends of El Prieto for putting this together and Steve Messer from CORBA for providing the tools and the know-how!

The kids, coaches and parents either biked or hiked up the 4 mile fire road in order to reach the sections designated for improvement. The trail is in much better condition and adds a fun bonus ride for those who are not too tired from climbing the fire road (Fern Truck Road) up to the Saddle.

If you are a Doubting Thomas and can’t believe that if we put our  minds to it, we can move mountains and motivate high school kids to give back to their community, grab your bike or hiking poles and go see for yourself!


  1. Nate, I appreciate your comments regarding El Prieto and how much fun that trail is to ride. However, this article was about the work done on Upper Brown and the work that our high school team did there was definitely needed. There were several sections of the trails that were dangerously close to the edge that we re-routed closer to the foot of the mountains as well as sections that were over grown with brush that we cleared away and one section we removed a fallen tree out of the way. A section that was impassable on a bike for any skill level.

    Feel free to join us at our MWBA meetings if you would like to voice your concerns regarding our local trail work and maintenance plans.

  2. These guys aren’t making the trail better, they are dumbing it down, making it easier. Prieto was great the way it used to be, before these guys started making “improvements”. If you really want to do something good, cut back the poison oak, don’t remove trail obstacles. And if you can’t ride the obstacles, ride the fire road, don’t take a great challenging trail that people love to ride and remove the best, challenging parts.

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