Regular is Good!

We took the sage advice of our forbearers and made a point to become more regular.  So, if you’ve ever  had the desire to volunteer and give back to the community and you are a trail user, why not come out and do some trail work with us? If you can’t join us in July, no biggie, come and join us in August. What’s that you say? You’re busy for the rest of the summer? No problem, come and join us in September, October, November, etc.. We are out there the third weekend of EVERY month! Sometimes we work on a Saturday, but mainly we are out there on a Sunday. Check back here or email [email protected] for information on a particular month. So Regular!

Our adopted trail Sunset Ridge has been getting a lot of love lately and it’s been paying off. Riding down is incredibly fun, particularly on the sections you’ve worked on. You literally know every rock in the trail. So good. After the last round of much needed, yet crazy rains last winter, we discovered sections that needed new drainage and run-off areas. We also discovered some of our armoring work on the switch backs held up very well and others, not so much. There’s always brush work to be done after the rains and tread work is a regular treatment. A volunteer’s work is never done.

For June, we decided to focus on brush work on Lower Sunset and we also tackled the crazy wooden steps switchback section. Don’t worry sports fans, it’s still technical, rocky, steep and fun. Our goal was not to “dumb down” one of the most technical sections on Sunset, but rather, keep it technical yet make it safer. When one falls off one’s bike because one is pushing one’s limits, one prefers to not impale oneself on a random t-bar or rebar stake. We took out the element of death by impalement (which almost killed us trying to get the damn stake out of the ground) and we also rounded out the dangerous metal plate at the top of the switchback by creating a basket of rocks to smooth out that edge. No more chance of cutting one’s shoes off one’s foot while rounding the switchback. However, if you do decide to ride the tight switchback, you better dust off your BetterRide lessons going down the steep railroad ties. You won’t die from impalement anymore, but that section still demands respect and mad skilz.