Photographer Alex Thompson and MWBA Trail Work

Proof is in the pudding: MWBA in action!

In 2015, photographer Alex Thompson contacted MWBA about including our trail work volunteers in his photo project, Builders.

The Builders project is an ongoing series of photo essays; each one focusing on a different Builder. The project started out of my curiosity of how things are made and my desire to learn about and examine the process of how things are made. Today, we live in a culture where we expect innovative new products every day but have little concern or knowledge about how they were made leading us to be careless about them. By starting this project, I wanted to add to the conversation about conscious consuming and hopefully inspire people to be less careless. What ties together each Builder is the fact that it’s those people, the people behind the scenes making the things we use everyday, that are truly building America.

Alex joined MWBA volunteers on a couple of Sunset Ridge trail work days and documented our continued work on making the trail more sustainable and stronger in preparation for the winter rains.  Below are thumbnails of his great photographs. Click on each to see the full size photo.

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