National Trails Day June 2, 2012

National Trails Day was bright and clear when we gathered at Red Box to divide up and work on the Gabrielino Trail.  While some groups worked from the top of Mount Wilson on other trails, MWBA, CORBA, Bear Canyon Trail Crew, volunteers from REI and others started from Red Box.  Mitch and Doug led our group down to a “short cut” to take us half way down the trail to Switzers.  Unfortunately, since the last time we used this side trail, it became completely overgrown with Poodle Dog Bush and we had to bushwhack and detour up a wash to the main trail.  Once there, we fell to work not just cutting the PDB, but uprooting it for lasting results, as well as clearing other brush.  As you can see in the Photos area, when we finished a section it was wide and open.  The Bear Canyon crew started down from Red Box, but much of the trail remains overgrown with PDB and more work will be needed.  After getting back to Red Box we were treated to lunch from REI and thanked by the Native Americans who run the Haramokngna Indian Cultural Center.  They also set up a much-needed wash-up station and an easy up over their tables.