Ken Burton Trail Work Update

Trail Work Day Number 7: January 17 ,2016 on the Ken Burton Trail Restoration project.

MWBA teamed up with CORBA for another great day of trail work in the San Gabriels. All volunteers have to make the 7.5 mile climb up Brown Mountain to reach the next section of trail needing work. We can’t drive up the mountain and nobody we know has a helicopter, so pedal we must. Just the ride itself is hard work! 25 dedicated people made the grind to give the trail their hard work, sweat and good vibes.

We completed brushing a long straight section with a narrow rock wall/ledge section you could barely walk through, plus a 3 more switchbacks.

Just 17 more to go before reaching the Gabrielino trail at the bottom. The stats are 0.36 miles of trail with a first cut of the brush tools, 0.25 miles with a second cut and 0.2 miles of tread work complete. I can’t forget about the 2 retaining walls built and countless amount of rock hacked out of the mountain side to make the trail a foot wider.

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers for giving their time and hard work back to the trails for all to enjoy!  Lastly, we are very grateful to have the vast experience and expertise of Steve Messer and Hans Keifer on the trail today. They are invaluable! A big thanks to Pat Phillips for providing the lunch spot. A fun day was had by all who came out today. Check out the pictures!

Next work day will be on Jan. 24 with CORBA and Steve Messer. Next MWBA work day on Feb. 21.

Matt Lay
Matt Lay

Matt Lay, MWBA Trail Boss