Gabrielino Trail Work II

We had another very successful work day on the Gabrielino January 14th.  A total of 14 people showed up, including at least one first time trail worker, Mike Stoner.  The crews hiked in from the access road halfway between Clear Creek and Red Box.  One crew, headed by Steve Messer of CORBA, worked up while the other, led by Mitch Marich of MWBA, worked down towards where we left off in December.  The crews cleared and rock-armored several drainages, cut back brush, repaired damaged trail tread, and cleared rock and other debris from the trail. Several groups of hikers and cyclists came through as the work was being done, more than we saw during the last trail work day in December.  At the same time, Mike and Robin McGuire went up to Red Box and worked down with his chain saw, removing anything blocking the trail and meeting up with Steve’s group.  Mitch’s group worked down to within 1/4 mile of where we stopped the last time, so almost all the trail is rideable.  Most of us then gathered at the parking above Switzers for a deli type lunch provided by MWBA.  Afterwards, five PMBC riders organized a shuttle to christen our efforts with a ride.  “That’s the best reward ever,” said Jenny Johnson, “being able to ride a trail you helped restore.”

Not satisfied with the work they already did, Steve and Mike McGuire attacked a rat’s nest of down trees near the picnic area, finishing up just as the riders showed up to do a little raking and tidying up.  There is still a lot of Poodle Dog, a downed tree or two, and some rough drainage crossings, but nothing to keep us from having fun.  As of our last inspection after the day’s work, one drainage still needs repair, and one downed tree needs to be removed.  The “waterfall” rock garden has become more technical, and most will want to hike that section. Stay tuned for future opportunities to improve the trail.