Adopted Trail gets some love

Inaugural Trail Crew

MWBA’s newly adopted trail, Sunset Ridge got some much needed attention on June 30.  “It makes sense for MWBA to work on Sunset;  it is in our backyard and most of us love to ride this trail, ” said Doug Sullivan, President of MWBA. It couldn’t have happened at a better time, Sunset was in dire need of maintenance. The overgrowth of poison oak, sagebrush, foxtail barley and other flora, was making it dangerous to hike or bike along the trail, particularly at the start of the trail where the Spanish Broom practically swept you off the trail if you were not careful. With a party of 9 dedicated trail workers, the top part of Sunset Ridge to the saddle was cleared away and the trail in some places widened for safety. A big thanks goes out to all of the volunteers, including Steve Messer from CORBA, Mitch Marich, Greg Lozano-Buhl, David Zaitz and Jenny Johnson from MWBA, Matt Lay from Pasadena Cyclery, Daisy Farias from PMBC, Joe Asa, and  Keenan Koch from Saint Francis HS.

“I love working on the trail and seeing the mountain bikers and hikers ride through as we work. They are so appreciative and it’s nice to get immediate feedback,” exclaimed Daisy Farias of PMBC. “I can’t wait to work on the lower section of the trail!”  Daisy returned in two weeks with Mitch, David, and Sean Robman, and they cleared the trail on Lower Sunset to Millard Campground for a  flowy and obstruction – free ride or hike. Both sections of trail were used by the runners of the Angeles Crest Century on July 22.  Thanks to our diligent volunteers for making Sunset Ridge fun and most importantly, safe for all trail users!

MWBA will be working on Sunset Ridge regularly and on an as-needed basis from this point forth. Future plans include building  containment walls along some of the washed out sections of the trail, fixing the water bars along the lower half of the ridge and on-going pruning. If you notice something on the trail that needs to be worked on or fixed, please feel free to contact Greg Lozano-Buhl at [email protected] or Mitch Marich at [email protected].