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Our trail work volunteers depend on our membership for tool & materials funding.
Today’s MWBA volunteers at work on El Prieto in 2015.

The Mount Wilson Bicycling Association (MWBA) was formed in 1986 by Alan Armstrong and today is a strong volunteer group still working in the San Gabriel Mountains. MWBA’s initial purpose was to educate mountain bikers about trail courtesy and safety. Today MWBA continues that education work and helps the USFS maintain the trails in the Angeles National Forest.

Trail maintenance is a vital part of MWBA’s mission to keep trails accessible for all trail activities including biking, hiking, running, and equestrian pursuits.

In 2011, MWBA became an official IMBA Chapter. MWBA is a non-profit organization that is now part of a larger, unified voice for trail advocacy. We now have the resources and professional services of an international organization to protect and improve mountain biking opportunities on our beloved trails.

Every hand tool MWBA lends volunteers was purchased with membership funds.
Every hand tool MWBA lends its volunteers was purchased with membership funds.

We Put Your Money Where Our Tools Are

Because of our supportive membership base, MWBA is able to do trail work every third weekend. The funds we raise from membership dollars and our famous Pancake Breakfast allows us to purchase the necessary tools and materials to continue our mission.

The Future Looks Bright

To continue our history of responsible stewardship, we work with the SoCal High School Cycling League to teach the next generation the importance of trail maintenance and trail etiquette. We work with ALL the teams on the league, but we do sponsor our local team, San Gabriel Valley Composite (SGV Composite). We feel if we catch them while they are still young and impressionable, they will continue the legacy of our original founders.

Our mission has changed very little over the years. MWBA still advocates responsible trail use in the San Gabriel Mountains and we still work on trails that need maintenance due to use, weather and age. If you are interested in giving back to the community by working on a trail and meeting cool mountain bikers, come on out and join us!

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