Secretary, Leticia Montanez


Leticia is very familiar with the cycling community and has been around several organizations before joining the MWBA board as a Director and Secretary. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will be invaluable as MWBA ramps up for the next stage of growth. Her experience includes being PAA’s first female President, PAA Secretary, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Bicycle Club Board member, Luna Chix Team member and also assisted the Aveson Mountain Bike Team.   Not only is she a bicycle advocate but also enjoys racing in the different cycling disciplines; mountain, cross and road.

As a trail user; hiker, dog walker and rider, Leticia knows how important it is to maintain and also co-exist among with others.  She also hopes to continue to build on successful relationships between city planners, and community officials to continue to improve trail opportunities for all, and ensure there are sufficient trails for generations to come.