2019 Pancake Breakfast

Great things are drenched in syrup!

Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association’s Pancake Breakfast is always a great time. Good food, great people, & awesome prizes. The Pancake Breakfast has historically been held at Henninger Flats a few steep miles up the Mt. Wilson Toll Road from Eaton Canyon.

The MWBA Pancake Breakfast is a fundraiser to help MWBA purchase tools, materials, and to cover all other expenses that go towards our mission of trail work, trail courtesy, and conservation. Many local bike shops and companies donate time and items to the event and historically MWBA has had great involvement and support by the USFS and other agencies.

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How do I get to Henninger Flats? When should I be there?

You have to climb up the Mt Wilson Toll Road from the Eaton Canyon area.  Access the Toll Road from the Pinecrest Gate. https://goo.gl/maps/FrPh8Byo5V72

The climb is close to 3 miles and is steep so bring your A Legs!  You will be rewarded with pancakes & prizes!

Figure a 40-90 min climb.  Its a steep grade.  Hot breakfast will be available at 9am-10:30am and the Raffle will be in full swing by then!  Most people will probably be pedaling up the Toll Road by 7-7:30am.


Parking option for Pancake Breakfast!

Aveson School for Leaders
1919 East Pinecrest Drive
Altadena, CA 91001

The parking lot entrance is at the top of Allen Avenue, above Altadena Drive. Please do not park in front of the offices on Pinecrest. All cars must be gone by 2 pm!


What should I bring?

Yourself, your bike (or hiking boots), & your wallet filled with dollars for breakfast, raffle, & swag!  We can accept credit cards only for IMBA-MWBA Membership payments.  Breakfast, prize items and swag are available for CASH ONLY so hit that ATM before you head up the fire road. CASH IS KING!

Whats the schedule and cost?

9am BREAKFAST Served!
10:30am RAFFLE TIME!

$10 for Breakfast & 5 PrizeTickets
$40 MWBA-IMBA Membership + 25 Tickets
$2 per Extra Prize Ticket!

  • MWBA Long Sleeve Trail Work shirts: $20
  • MWBA Pocket Tee:  $20
  • MWBA 8” Trail Socks: $6
  • MWBA Logo Timber Bells: $20
  • MWBA 2019 Pancake BreakfastStem Caps with Color Match Bolts: $20
  • MWBA Embroidered Hats: $30
  • MWBA Patches: $5
  • MWBA Koozie: $5