Trail Work to Ride Shuttle Program


MWBA is excited to announce our new collaboration with Southern California Outdoor Adventurers (SCOA). SCOA provides legal shuttle service to various trail heads in the San Gabriel Mountains, for those days when you want to go full hog on your dh bike or you only have enough time to ride down the mountain without “earning” your ride.

Here is your chance to earn your ride but in a different capacity. Come work on the trails with us and get a free shuttle ride! It’s pretty simple; there are only 3 steps.

1. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know you plan on joining us for an upcoming trail day. Remember, we work on the trails every 3rd weekend of every month. We will make sure SCOA knows you earned your ride.

2. Show up for trail day and work. Initially, you must perform 2 trail work days to earn your first free ride, but after that, each subsequent trail work day will earn you a shuttle ride.

3. Schedule your shuttle service online at and ride! As with all offers that are almost too good to be true, there is fine print and you should learn it, love it and live it.

Fine print: Redeemable shuttles are 4:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays and 5:30 PM or later shuttles during the week. Earned rides are not transferable. Unused rides are zeroed out December 31st each year. Use it or lose it.