The New Board is sooo Old School!

Our first annual membership meeting was a complete success and very productive. Mitch Marich who is the acting President until that role gets officially filled opened up the meeting by way of introductions and a brief history of MWBA. Jenny Johnson followed up with data regarding membership as well as what we’ve been up to for the past 2 years. David Zaitz briefed the members on our financial status and just to calm everyone down after the melee during our board elections, Matt Lay gave the run down on our trail work activity for the year.

The most exciting part of the evening was the election of our new board members. The evening was madness as it was reminiscent of a pre-Civil War Congress filled with flying Whig powder, canes and pistols. A 3-way duel almost broke out between new board nominees. It was an electrifying evening filled with passion for trail work and the desire to be a vital part of our organization. Once the powder settled and the votes were tallied, everyone put down their weapons and hugged it out, as all of our nominees were elected to the board!

A hearty welcome goes out to Banner Moffat, the founder and driving force behind Friends of El Prieto; Pierre Dupuy, a founding member of MWBA who we have “re-found” and plays the guitar and wears overalls in a band called Wreck N Sow; and Brad Benam, another re-found member of MWBA.

We are very excited to have them all aboard as they bring, collectively, a vast knowledge of trail work and advocacy as well as years of experience.

PS: The new board members have sworn an oath to leave their canes, pistols, pugilistic antics and most importantly, their powdered wigs, at home. Please feel free (and safe) to join us for our next meeting on January 14, 2014.