Schwag, Schwag and more Schwag

For those of you who are new to what is known around these parts as “The Best Event in the Universe to Get Cool Schwag” event, welcome to the Land of Pancake Breakfast-ia. My first time was in 2011 and it was staggering the amount of free items that was stuffed in bags and handed out. I mean it, it was literally staggering. Some people were wobbling as they slowly ventured back down the hill with the weight of the loot they had won. And the schwag was nothing to sneeze at. The quality of stuff was amazing. At one point, the assembly room looked like a local bike shop vomited all over the top of Henninger Flats.

So. much. good. stuff.

It’s no accident that we can get such awesome items. The Pancake Breakfast is a nationally known event. Vendors from all over the country know this is THE event that convenes mountain bikers from all over southern California. The local shops support us because trail maintenance and advocacy help keep bikers on the trails and in their shops.

This year proves to be no different. We’ve already got a few bike shops donating some cool stuff. Thanks to Pasadena Cyclery,  Montrose Bike Shop and Steve’s Bike Shop for starting us out the gate early!  We  have Bell Sports, Fox Racing, Kali Helmets, Quality Bike Products and Serfas so far for vendor schwag.

Tired and hungry after the hike up? After you feast on some pancakes, head over to Massage By Missy and get a 10 minute rub down that will  make you feel new again. She is generously donating her skills for a $5 minimum donation to MWBA. If the line is too long, don’t fret just yet, you may be a lucky winner of a one hour Trigger Point/Myofascial Release/Thai/Tui Na Combo Massage by Flawless Fitness. If you have no idea what that is, check it out here. (It’s ok, we had to look too)

Check back here or go hang out on our Facebook page for an updated list vendors, shops and local businesses. As they roll in, we will post them up.

Don’t forget to join our event on Facebook! We want to make sure you get your pancakes!