New Year, New Look


For those of you who are able to pull yourself away from our Facebook wall and visit us at our old-fashioned url, you will notice there is something different about us…yes that’s right, we got a make-over to reflect our resurgence within the community. We look fresher and younger. No, that’s not botox, we just cleaned up our browser style sheet  and freshened up our box model. We got rid of some stray coding and laid down some breadcrumbs. After all, we may look younger, but we still need help.

We have more energy! We have new tools, a new logo and a new Board. We are getting out there and working on our trails and advocating on behalf of  our membership base. We are connecting with the youth in our community by sponsoring one of the high school mountain bike teams, SGV Composite.  We are actively engaging in town meetings regarding trail openings, closings and usage. But most importantly, we are out there riding and enjoying our trails.

But don’t get us wrong, we are still the same organization Alan Armstrong founded  back in 1986. We still promote and advocate trail maintenance and safety for all trail users. You can find any MWBA member riding on the trails exercising good trail etiquette. It’s become even more important to us to spread the word as trail use in the San Gabriel Mountains has increased over the years.  We love that mountain biking has picked up momentum and  has become a popular activity and sport we can all enjoy, but with that comes responsibility to our community.   That has not changed and we are as vocal as ever.

We still hold our nationally-known Pancake Breakfast, keep your eyes open for an official date for 2013. It will be towards the end of April. As soon as we firm up the date, we will post it. At the Pancake Breakfast, you will still find awesome prizes, delicious pancakes and like-minded folks who enjoy the outdoors on their bikes.

If you are new to MWBA and you like what we do, don’t be shy. Come out and get dirty!