MWBA/IMBA Membership Drive

We will be rolling out a membership form and PayPal link for the $10 membership fee. This will look similar to the PMBC membership form.
MWBA has been around for 25+ years as just a bunch of guys that do trail work on our local trails then hang out and drink beer. Plus the Pancake breakfast to raise money and raise awareness. Well now our local trails are closed and we need to become an IMBA Chapter to get more organized and influential with the re-opening efforts. Rumor has it that some trails are being evaluated for closure to mountain bikers.
Become a member and get involved or just be a voice so we can ride our local favorite trails like we used to do before the “Stage Fires” closed everything.
This year the Pancake Breakfast will be back up at Henniger Flats as it was in the beginning, and we have a date, Sunday,Nov. 6,2011. More to come as the event draws near. For now lets become the Founding members for the MWBA/IMBA Chapter.