MWBA March News

The March L.A. River Ranger District Angeles National Forest Volunteer Meeting was held March 21st.  This bi-monthly meeting allows all volunteer groups working in the forest to report on their work and discuss common issues with the Forest Service staff.

Mike McGuire and Steve Messer both reported completing chain saw recertification.

Banner Moffett, Steve Messer of CORBA, Mitch Marich, Jenny Johnson, and others will be leading SoCal Cycling League teams in a work day on the Brown Mountain fire road.  The road was heavily damaged following the Station Fire and is currently a single track trail with some technical sections.  There is always brush to cut back and some parts that are rutted need drainage work.  Some sections of the trail will be widened to allow passing and in other sections the trail will be moved away from drop offs.  Keep in mind the trail is still in the closed area, although it is in frequent use.  The Forest Service is considering reopening this trail to the public in the near future.

April 14th is California Trails Day.  We will be out again to finish the work we started in December 2011 with CORBA.  Currently the plan is to cooperate with others on the Gabrielino from Red Box to Switzer again.  Since most of the major problems are cleared, one priority will be removing the Poodle Dog near the trail.

Since our 2012 Group volunteer agreement is approved and our MOU is on track, we are in a position to request a tool loan.  Mitch will be doing that this week.

More details will be included in the Newsletter when it is published, found at

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  1. I am personally grateful for the work you will be doing on April 14th. I’ve been avoiding the Red Box to Switzer trail because of the Poodle Dog. It will be so nice to get back on that trail and not have to worry about the Poodle Dog consequences. Many Thanks in advance!!

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