MWBA has a new look!

It’s Official… we’ve upgraded our Penny-farthing to a 26er and added a few tools of our trade.

Now that we are an IMBA Chapter, what does that mean for our members? Not only does being an MWBA member show the world that you are a cool person who wants to give back to your local trails that you love to ride and hike, by putting your money where your heart is, but you get a couple of cool perks of being a part of the very established International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). For starters, you get discounts on IMBA store merchandise, IMBA events and special offers and discounts on biking and other outdoor gear. You also get a discount on accident and comprehensive life insurance plans and you can save up to $3,300 off MSRP when you lease or buy a new Subaru! Plus Subaru will donate $150 directly to IMBA!

We may have gotten a new look on the outside, but we are still MWBA, the trail workin’ and pancake lovin’ organization on the inside, but upgraded!