It Pays to be Inclusive

Over the last few years, MWBA has received a lot of love from the community.

MWBA is its members. Thanks for coming out!

The attention has been amazing as it directly translates to several tangible benefits like the increase in volunteers who do trail work with us, others who can’t do trail work but donate their time with their skillsets or vocational expertise, and even others, who can’t spare their time, provide us with some cold, hard cash to show their solidarity. We encourage everyone to join us; mtn biker, hiker, equestrian, jogger, endurance runner, etc. We maintain trails for everyone to enjoy so we encourage anyone to  help, in whatever way they can.

It doesn’t matter the mode of support, we are just grateful our community is taking notice of our work and actively supporting us.

MWBA has always been known for taking care of the folks who donate their blood, sweat and sometimes their tears by providing them quality sustenance after a long, hard, often hot day in the San Gabriels.

Our philosophy is simple.

Take good care of the volunteers who take good care of our trails.

As our volunteer numbers go up on a monthly basis, so does the cost to feed our volunteers well. It’s a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless, as we found ourselves burning through our reserves to feed the masses.

Sacrificing quality grub  was not an option so we developed a Sponsorship program to help us offset the costs of our volunteer appreciation. Through our Bike Shop Collective, we were able to tap into our local bike shops and they graciously and willingly offered to help defray the costs of volunteer appreciation by not only covering the cost of a decent lunch, but they also provide swag for our monthly trail work raffle. Additionally, they provide a few able bodies to come out and join us and also encourage their customer base to join us.  All good in the hood!

Recently we were contacted by a group who wouldn’t normally catch our attention, Extreme Terrain.

An organization that focuses more on motorized, off-roading where the nuanced technicality of the work we do would be lost on a large 4-wheel vehicle (and not permitted on the trails we work on). However, in the spirit of inclusiveness, we dug a little deeper and realized that though Extreme Terrain does focus on jeep parts and accessories, we couldn’t discount them for their love and appreciation of the great outdoors. They launched a program that supports their  commitement to trail conservation. Check it out!

Thanks to Extreme Terrain, our volunteers for the September 16, 2018 trail work day on Ken Burton will be well fed. Also, let’s spread the love, if you know of a trail organization that could use some help with funding, let them know about this grant!

If you are an individual or a part of an organization that wants to help out, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at [email protected]