Changing of the Guard

I am pleased to pass the reins of MWBA into the capable hands of Jenny Johnson, who was Vice President for the last year. Jenny was unanimously voted as MWBA’s President by our board.

We’ve Done a Lot

I have enjoyed participating in and contributing to MWBA’s return to a more active and influential role. We have increased our impact through growth and partnering with IMBA, CORBA, and other great organizations to further our mission of keeping our trails open and accessible to all users, while promoting trail etiquette. We have 8-15 volunteers working on Sunset Ridge and other trails the 3rd weekend of every month. Our efforts to ensure our interests as a user group were considered in the formation of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and will be considered in the future Management Plan, and are vital to the mountain biking community in this area.

With the Help of Many

I would like to especially thank several people who have been instrumental in our success. Doug Sullivan was our first President of the renewed era as we took up the challenge of going beyond fund raising to returning to regular trail work, advocacy and becoming a Chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association. But before that, Tom and Alan Purnell, Martin Gomez, Ray Herrera and others kept the MWBA flame lit and the nest egg secure. Of course, our famous Pancake Breakfast is vital to our funding, and the last several breakfasts would not have been nearly as successful without the institutional memory, hard work, and contacts of ‘Old Guard’ members Tim Murphy, Alan Armstrong and Pierre Dupuy.

Some New Faces on the MWBA Board

In addition to Jenny being elected as our new President, Brad Benam takes over the post as Vice President, Kamyar Ghaneabassiri is our new Treasurer and Leah Dilbeck is elected as a new member of the board. Congratulations to all of you and to MWBA for attracting such a talented and fun group of mountain bikers.

See you guys out on the trails, having fun and moving dirt!


Mitch Marich