Call for Involvement

MWBA seeks new members for its Board of Directors to reflect the diversity of our mountain biking community. All board positions will be open and the incoming board will determine roles and responsibilities of the new board during MWBA’s next meeting on August 6, 2019.

MWBA needs your vision and your talent to lead its grassroots advocacy for our mountain biking community into the future.  The MWBA cannot be sustained without your involvement as all members of the current Board of Directors will be stepping down at the next meeting.  The current Board of Directors is committed to ensuring a smooth transition, as such, a few of the board members have committed to help and provide necessary information to keep MWBA humming.

MWBA was founded by volunteers and over the years, we made it part of our unofficial mission to appreciate and acknowledge the contributions of our volunteers because the current board strongly believes and stands by the notion that the face of MWBA is our Volunteer.

It’s been a true pleasure serving on the MWBA Board and we hope the foundation we’ve laid will allow the new group of board volunteers to take MWBA to the next level of sustainability for not only our beloved trails but for the organization as well.

If you are interested in a board position, please review the board roles and responsibilities listed below and submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected] before July 31, 2019. Candidates will be notified by email on August 1, 2019.

Board positions: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors, between 3-11

MWBA Board of Directors 

Director Description and Expectations, a total of 8 will be considered
Purpose: To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of MWBA so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.

*Major responsibilities:

  • Organizational leadership and advisement
  • Organization of the board of directors, officers, and committees
  • Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
  • Financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget
  • Oversight of program planning and evaluation 
  • Review of organizational and programmatic reports
  • Promotion of the organization
  • Fundraising and outreach

*Directors of the board share these responsibilities while acting in the interest of MWBA. Each Director is expected to make recommendations based on his or her experience and vantage point in the community. 

Expectations of Directors:

  • Attend and participate in meetings on a regular basis (minimum 6 per year), and special events as able.
  • Participate in a standing committee of the board, and serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary.
    • Treasurer Chairs Finance Committee only
    • Secretary not required to be on a committee
    • Both can be on committees if they desire
  • Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by the MWBA mission, objectives, and programs
  • Help communicate and promote MWBA mission and programs to the community.
  • Become familiar with MWBA finances, budget, and financial/resource needs.
  • Understand the policies and procedures of MWBA.
  • Financially support MWBA in a manner commensurate with one’s ability.
  • Expected to represent MWBA publicly and to advocate for responsible mountain biking according to the Mission Statement[1].

Duty of Loyalty
The duty of loyalty is a standard of faithfulness to the organization’s mission.  A board member must give undivided allegiance when making decisions affecting the organization.  They must not act in a way that is inconsistent with the central goals of the organization. They must act in the best interests of the organization and manage donated funds to fulfill the organization’s mission.


The president is responsible for the overall functioning of the board of directors and ensures that all appropriate actions are taken. 

Specifically, the president’s role includes:

  • Ensures that an agenda is planned for each board meeting
  • Plays an active role in determining the focus and actions of the organization
  • Presides over meetings of the board of directors and the annual meeting
  • Serves as primary spokesperson for the organization
  • Signs specific documents on behalf of the board of directors and the corporation
    • Although the president is given the power to sign legal documents and represent the organization, he or she should never bind the organization to contracts that the directors have not agreed to by a vote; nor should the president speak to an issue in public without discussion with the board

Vice President
The vice president of the board of directors may have no specific duties but should be able to fill the duties of the president if required. Often, the vice president chairs specific committees or has other regular duties, as determined by the board in its bylaws or on an ad-hoc basis. 

The secretary of the board of directors has overall responsibility to create and maintain corporate records and other important corporate documents. 

Included in this responsibility:

  • Act in the role of a secretary
  • Record minutes of all board meetings. Minutes must be taken in a specific form and all board and committee actions must be recorded.
  • Meeting minutes will be distributed no later than 1 week from the date of the meeting for approval.
  • The first draft of the agenda for the board meeting will be distributed 1 week prior to the scheduled board meeting.
  • Keep records of all policies approved by the board.
  • All approved meeting minutes need to be signed approved by the Corporate Secretary and stored in the Corporate Documents Binder
  •  Keep all records in a safe place and make sure all documents are in good order in case of audits.

The treasurer of the board of directors has primary responsibility for the financial well-being of the corporation. 

Included in the board treasurer’s duties are:

  • Keep up-to-date financial transactions in QuickBooks and submit monthly financial reports at the Board Meetings or online.
  • Bank Account Maintenance-Selecting a bank, signing checks and investing excessive funds wisely. Reconcile bank statements monthly with the president
  • Protect the organization from fraud and theft.
  • Creating and maintaining the corporation’s annual budget for each fiscal (financial) year by November of the previous year. This responsibility includes presenting the budget to the board for approval.
  • Creating, implementing, and reviewing financial policies, processes and reporting methods.
  • Reviewing the investment activities of the corporation
  • Overseeing the annual financial audit of the corporation and other audits of corporate records and finances.
  • Complies with tax regulations
  • Responsible for tax calendars and filing requirements on an annual basis
  • Provide reports for the annual meetings
  • Responsible for renewing QB subscription on an annual basis, December of every year.