Brown El P finally open!

Last Monday the USFS opened up or beloved Brown Mtn. to the saddle and our fav single track El P. MWBA worked on this with CORBA but that was a while back. The rains and illegal use for sure have altered some of the work.I’m sure you will see lot’s of areas that need some major work to bring it back to the technical trail challenge that it was before the fires. I plan on being out there this weekend and get some feedback on areas that need improvement. Banner Moffet has donated his time and effort to re-establish a ridable route through the altered trail and MWBA plans on supporting the additional trail work needed to re-build and sustain a our local favorite trail. Please post up pics and send emails to areas that you notice. We we being planning trail wrk soon and post up and event on out Facebook page and here to give details.

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  1. Let’s finish what we began on Lower Sunset and support National Trails Day. CORBA will join us at 8:00 am – 1 or 2 pm June 4th at the Millard Campground parking lot. We expect to finish clearing from the Mt. Lowe Road to the Campground, a nice, shady, flowing section of trail. Participants will be required to wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, boots, and a hardhat. Hardhats and gloves will be provided. Bring water and snacks. Insect repellent and Ivy Block a good idea. Work till lunch and go for a ride on Sunset if you like. Watch for updates. RSVP here on the forum or by replying attending to the MWBA event.

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