A Tool Story

It’s Official…MWBA  is putting your donations from the Pancake Breakfast to good use with the purchase of  trail building tools allowing us to work more often and independently.

Doug and Mitch spent a day shopping, comparing prices and quality.  Mitch did some more research, and then hit OSH on one of their “we pay the sales tax” days. We also got a great discount from Lawnmower Corner which is across the street from Pasadena Cyclery.  Better than Internet prices and no shipping.  Thanks to John, the owner.  As you can see, Mitch stopped by Pasadena Cyclery and proudly showed off our booty. We have more to buy, including a power trimmer and rock working tools.  We have also received hard hats, gloves, and goggles from the Forest Service.

Come play with us on the trails and check out our new tools! Sign up for the upcoming June 2nd work day with CORBA on the Gabrielino Trail. It is on our MWBA Calendar  and as a MWBA Facebook event.