MWBA Stands With CAMTB


Mount Wilson Bicycling Association is proud to be a founding partner of California Mountain Bike Coalition.

ALTADENA, Calif. – Apr. 30, 2020 – The Board of Directors of the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association has unanimously voted to join the California Mountain Bike Coalition (CAMTB) as a Founding Partner. Uniting with other mountain bike groups to have a unified voice in Sacramento is a key component of not only maintaining, but increasing access for mountain bikers and other human-powered trail users. This unity is especially important in the greater Los Angeles region, where mountain bikers routinely travel to ride trails covered by different land managers and trail organizations.

MWBA President, Shamane Morejon said “CAMTB has spearheaded an alliance; a cohesive voice representing our mission on a state legislative level. They are unifying trail stewardship organizations, expanding resources, and creating opportunities for collaboration towards our ultimate mission, to make mountain biking accessible, accepted, and symbiotic between different stakeholders within our forests, and MWBA is excited to be at the forefront of activating this sort of change in California.

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Part of MWBA’s commitment to CAMTB will involve financial support for CAMTB. MWBA remains a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA).

The California Mountain Biking Coalition is a 501c4 nonprofit whose mission is to improve and increase trail access for mountain biking throughout California by providing a unified statewide voice for organizations and individuals.

Mount Wilson Bicycling Association (MWBA) was founded in 1986 by Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee Alan Armstrong and today is a strong volunteer group still working on behalf of fellow trail users in the San Gabriel Mountains. MWBA’s founding principle was to educate mountain bikers about trail courtesy and safety, and today MWBA continues that education work along with assisting the USFS with trail maintenance in the Angeles National Forest.

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