MWBA Bike Shop Collective

MWBA Bike Shop Collective Your Local Bike Shop is the best place to find out what’s going on in your community.

We started the MWBA Bike Shop Collective to bring together our region’s bike shops and better serve the local mountain bike community. From helping promote MWBA trail work days to quickly sharing stolen bike reports, our Bike Shop Collective members are essential to getting information to you. Some shops even give MWBA Members in-store discounts! (be sure to present your membership card)

The below list of local bike shops in the MWBA Bike Shop Collective is constantly growing. If you are a bike shop customer and want your shop to join the MWBA Bike Shop Collective, make some noise! Tell them to get in touch with us! If you would like to volunteer, we are always looking for “MWBA Liaisons” for the Bike Shop Collective! If you’re a bike shop and would like to be a part, let us know!


Around The Cycle
626 765 6601
Dedicated to helping people pass on their old bikes, parts and gear to others
Budget Pro Bicycles
Budget Pro Bicycles
323 254 4160
Quality and service at affordable prices
10% off Parts for MWBA Members!
Empire Empire Bikes
626 930 1983
Quality service, Enthusiasm, & Love of Cycling!
Golden Saddle Cyclery
323 661 1174
A full service bike shop specializing in stoke.
15% off for MWBA Members!
Helens Helen’s Cycles
626 447 3181
Taking good care of people and their bikes since 1936
626 577 0440
Everything Cycling Related
10-15% off Bikes for MWBA Members!
20% off Parts and Accessories!
Yes, we have Demo Bikes!
Montrose Bike Shop
818 249 3993
Our goal is to create cyclists for life.
Ask about Demo Bikes!
Pasadena Cyclery
626 584 6391
Voted Pasadena’s Best Bike Shop in 2015!
10% off Bikes for MWBA Members!
15% off Parts and Accessories!
Yes, we have Demo Bikes!

Stan’s Bike Shop
626 357 0020
Home to all cyclists! Creating a chain reaction one mile at a time


 Universal Cycles
818 980 7456
MWBA-BSC-Logo Another Bike Shop!
MWBA-BSC-Logo Another Bike Shop!