MWBA Board Meeting Minutes: November 7, 2019

Original PDF version of November 7, 2019 MWBA Board Meeting Minutes.



Shamane Morejon, Andrew Hunter, Alex Fore, David Cho, Jon Buckell, Jason

Chiodo, Bart Bombay NON-BOARD PRESENT:

Steve Messer, Rob Praetorian, Carson Blaker, Carter Chappell, Mitch Marich
Colin Frazer
Meeting commenced at 7:15pm, and adjourned at 9:20pm


○ Introduced topic of December holiday party and fundraiser Details TBD.

○ Finance report was made. Balance sheet is good, benefiting from both grant inputs and donations.

  •  Finance / Compliance:
    • The Gabrielino grant reimbursements are a bit different than we had thought. Focus for that is administrative and planning hours, and also requires some $ spent by MWBA on trails (e.g., hiring Hans Kiefer for repairs on Gab switchbacks).
    •  Gabrielino grant filings will be done monthly moving forward (asked by USFS).
  • Trailwork / Tools / USFS Relations:
    • October trail work totals: 467 hours and 50 unique vols.
    • Corona tool wishlist delivered to Sponsorships / Fundraising committee.
    • Tool loss over last month:
    • 1 Mcleod broken on Oct 6th, 1 5’ pry bar lost on Oct 20th.
    • Bart donated a different 5’ pry bar Oct 22nd or so.
    • Ordered 6 rogue hoes: 2 beast, 2 rhino, 1 60A, 1 55A ~ $400 + shipping. 13 saws~ $240.
  • El Prieto projects waiting on people (spring) and rain (corner).
  • Waterman:
    • Talks with Justin are ongoing to get more of waterman project approved.
    • Remaining work is very technical and best suited to small experienced groups.
  • NICA November 10​ brushing Brown Mtn – preparations are done
  • 55 minors now, 21 adults of which 13 are MWBA reps.
  • November 17​ trailwork Strawberry Peak.
  • We have sponsors Geaux Party and Trader Joes

Membership / Media / Marketing:

  • Headline: Calendar and Messaging in the past month has been successful. Engagement has been high, and Waterman trailwork turnout was solid.
  • Marketing updates – Insta, FB and Eblasts
  • Upcoming Campaigns:
    • Membership Growth Initiative for Nov-Dec. Still looking for pitch.
    • Trail Courtesy
    • Give A Gift to MWBA – Dec
  • Facebook moderation – small issues, but it’s been mostly calm.
  • Website / Webstore status
    • various updates/corrections made to website
    • Nothing going on with webstore

Sponsorships / Fundraising:

  • Probably to do a fundraiser of some sort during holidays (perhaps tied to social event).
  • Carter suggested:
  • a clean-up of our sponsors spreadsheet
  • Set up clear goals for projects fundraising (needed so donors know what their money will be used for, especially for larger fundraisers).
  • Workday lunch sponsors:
  • Board is interested to expand this beyond bike shops, to other local businesses.

Women’s Dig Day:

  • Tentatively Lowelifes Responsible Citizens Club (LRCC) to organize, with MWBA helping.
  • Sha suggested a recruiting/publicity thing at studio, Jon and Carson expressed interest to talk at that.
  • More details to be determined

New Business

  • Quarterly public forum.
    • Rob mentioned that the trail work photos are helping a lot to keep the membership informed.
    • Quarterly forum can give more in-depth presentation.
    • Previous public forum was in August. To do next one in January.
  • Trails workshop in April 2020, ​we have to start planning NOW!
    • Will invite other ANF trail orgs but MWBA is taking the leadership position
    • Steve Messer and Matt Baffert helped organize this last time
    • Chris Orr and Garret Villanueva also helped last time
    • Shamane: Would be nice to include a woman presenter. Steve Messer has some ideas for that.
    • Funded via Gab workshare agreement
  • Form ad-hoc committee
    • Committee volunteers were asked and accepted…
    • Andrew motioned new committee with:
      • Andrew, Carson, Rob, Jason
    • Sha seconded
    • Bart motioned to also specify Carson as committee chair
    • Andrew seconded
    • Unanimously approved
  • Steve Messer: CORBA has block of money that needs to be spent on the Gabrielino, would like to partner with MWBA on that so that the expenditure can benefit MWBA Gab grant.
  • Alex motioned MWBA co-organize with JPL bike club a work day:
    • Small workday on El Prieto, Alex to lead and coordinate dates with JPL bike club.
    • Board discussion positive. Andrew 2nded, Unanimously approved.
  • Alex motions for Carson to join trailwork / tools / USFS relations committee
    • Sha seconded, unanimously approved.
  • Coordination of trail work days, including schedules, with external parties:
    • Lunch sponsors
    • CORBA, LRCC, etc. (and also to promote work by these orgs)
    • California Mountain Bikers Coalition (CAMTB) is a new state-wide organization that Steve Messer and CORBA has helped to found. CAMTB invites a liasion from MWBA.
  • Some discussion about Wilderness expansions, and what MWBA could do to help ensure preservation of MTB trails in this context, especially the Condor Peak Trail at Mount Baldy.
    • Steve Messer is attempting to push a modification on a bill in Congress – to make a minor change the boundary for preserving the trail
    • MWBA could help by:
      • Reading Ted’s letter on the SPC facebook page
      • Set up a meeting with Judy Chu on the topic
  •  2020 Strategic Plan.

○ Agreed to set up an ad-hoc meeting for strategic plan, to have more time for the topic.

● Bart motioned the meeting to close. Andrew seconded. Unanimously approved. 9:20pm