MWBA Board Meeting Minutes: December 5, 2019

Original PDF version of December 5, 2019 MWBA Board Meeting Minutes.



✓ Shamane Morejon, ✓ Andrew Hunter, ✓ Alex Fore, ✓ David Cho,
✓ Jon Buckell,     ✓ Colin Frazer,  ✓ Bart Bombay, (remotely) ✓ Jason Chiodo
COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Rob Pettersen, Carson Blaker
LOCATION: Molten Metal Works
Meeting commenced at 7:00 pm, and adjourned at 9:30 pmw
Activity recap (1hr)
  • President: (12 min)
    • Holiday Shindig ($331 profit, $350 beer)
      • When: Sun, Dec 15th, 5-7pm
      • Where: Mount Lowe Brewery
        • Metro Gold Line stop just across the street
      • Why: Party/Fundraiser & Announce open nominations for 2020 MWBA Board
        • Give the Gift of MWBA – $39 membership IMBA / $50 + mwba socks
        • 2 Short Films (MWBA Historical Exhibition & TBD BFI Nona)
          • Erik sending films over to review (2 min, 30 min, 45 min)
          • Ken Burton Memorial, old vhs footage
          • Brewery has projector, waiting to make sure we can usewith sound system
          • $20 = ticket for giveaway + 1 beer
      • To do: QR codes with URLs for join MWBA, renew, newsletter sign-up
      • Mini historical photo exhibition
      • NEED GIVEAWAY PRIZES & help organizing. Carson will help
        • Sponsors: Roadrunner, Stotts, InCycle, Pasadena cyclery, GSC, Rio, Cachicken, JWatson, Volar, Bicycle Coffee, Montrose, Crazy bear bikes, Adr. Dynamics, Cocos
      • To do: Reach out to shops for feeder rides that converge to the party ● GSC Confirmed
    • Womxns Dig Day MWBA//LRCC collab
      • When: March 14-15, 2020 (Sat Camp @ Millard, Sun Trailwork @ Sunset)
      • Leads: Shamane & Ellen LRCC
    • Visited Velo Pasadena to thank for Trail Work sponsorship
    • Bicycle Culture Institute presents Film by Bike (Nona Varnado)
      • Sun, Feb 2, 2020. Boomtown Brewery. 100-250 attendees, all ages, $25-$250 for vendors
      • Film Fest w/ panel discussion, games, rides, activities, cross-disciplinary source for building collaborative relationships
      • Sha helping organize & MWBA could submit a film!
      • Sunday, Cubhouse Bike Swap Meet
        • Set-up @10am, Open 11-5pm
        • Sha unable to make it, Colin can help out. Good exposure 4 promo
        • Alternate, post MWBA Calendar & Announcements with GSC
  • Treasurer: (8 min)
    ○ Monthly expenditures & budget update

    • Numbers are good. Revenues substantially more than expenditures.
    • 33K income, 16K expenses = 17K Savings
    • Managing spending well, minimal > 2019 +- 7k ops, 7K trailwork $1500 travel/mtg
    • IMBA
      • Revenues via IMBA were reviewed and compared 2018 to 2019.
  • Finance / Compliance committee:
    • Waterman Grant Final paperwork submitted, closing out
  • Trail work / Tools / USFS relations committee: (9 min)
    • In Nov we did 712 hours of work = two large work days and one liaison work day.
    • Lost rock bar from October was found!
    • Dec work day on 8th at Ken Burton- 1” rain (sha flyer, alex plan, rob posts)
    • Jan 19 work day (Gabrielino Trail? Middle Merril?).
      • Trail committee to finalize the decision by month end.
    • Rainy Season! PAL levels agreeable for gas tools.
    •  El P corner project was done on Black Friday instead of shopping. Eligible for the Gab cost share agreement.
    • PL Bike club El P work day on Jan 31st (a Friday), 8:30 am meet in Meadows, lunch at Loma Alta Park at 1 pm, JPL Bike club to provide lunch.
    • 2019 Trail Status Report Update
      • Seeking volunteers to help with workday reporting, pending template from ANF.
      • Sunset ridge- example of techniques learned from Trail Summit 2018

● Media / Membership / Marketing committee: (13 min)

    • 2400 followers / 21% growth since April
    •  Engage w/ different trail groups
    • Drones legal in ANF, unless special areas
    • Consolidate Social Media platforms to manage (prime means of communication). Progress in ongoing for following…
      • IG Feed/story/DM, FB page/group/dm, eventbrite, website/google calendar, eblasts, slack & emails, trail courtesy video planned
    • New Website flow
      • Yay or Nay?
      • Blog- After Action Report (Carson? volunteer?)
      • IG not updating to most current
      • Update BSC
      • Update Google Calendar to show Holiday Shindig
    • Membership numbers are slightly down
      • Breakdown: $12 IMBA, $38 MWBA (bells, tools, lunches, tool maintenance, admin)
  • Sponsorships committee: (13 min)
    • KB Lunch sponsor is Velo Pasadena – Thanks!
    •  BSC is a priority in Q1 (CF) – Redevelop symbiotic relationships
      • Support, cross-promotion, member discounts, swag, shop memberships?
    • Other ideas for getting partner buy-in, develop long-term relationships (CF)
    • Corona Tools – ongoing for tools donation request
    • Bells count is getting a bit low – maybe re-order soon.
    • Explore whether a sponsorship could facilitate equipment for transporting tools.
      • Tabled pending coordination with ANF
  • Trails Stewardship Summit committee:
    • Chris Orr has been contacted.
    • Justin has been contacted regarding working with Garrett Villaneva.
    • Steve Messer advises that due to various scheduling conflicts, the weekends starting Friday April the 10th or 17th should be targeted. ​(JC)
    • To outreach to other trial groups, especially those working in ANF
New Business (1hr)
  • Alex motioned for Jay Marion to be trail work / tools / usfs relations committee.
    • David seconded. Unanimously approved.
  • January meeting date (request from Jason for committee candidate)
    • Change date from 2nd to Jan 16th
      • Alex motioned, Andrew 2nded, unanimously approved.
      • Jan 2 @ optional meeting + 2019 wrap up + 2021 goals
      • Jan 16 meeting @ Molten Metal Works? 7pm
  • Website refresh/admin (CF) – tabled to next meeting
  • Should we pursue funding to continue work on Waterman?
    • Finish Trail 2 – evaluate process + benefit + community feedback
      • Hans estimate (DC)
      • Santa Cruz grant, 2-3 proposals, Due 3/31/20 (CF, JB)
        • Waterman finish Trail 2, 1000 linear feet
        • Waterman Trail #4 #2 + tools (bike optimized, Lines A + B)
        • Bike + Cash
        • Tool Budget
    • Should make any commitment dependent on funding
    • To prepare 3 different levels of ask for a grant
      • Larger scope project (i.e. trail 4 ~ 100k level)
      • Medium scope (finish trail 2 ~ 30 k level)
      • Small scope (~5k for more tools)
      • Likely to submit to a bike manufacturer, perhaps others in future.
    • Waterman work will be secondary to the priority of work on the front range
  • Tabled: Board transition/evolution – This topic tabled for Slack discussion & next meeting.
    • Adopt a set of board member expectations to hand out at holiday party (or anywhere else recruit new board members). Start with SDMBA’s expectations? (read ahead of time or pass out?).
    • How to recruit new board members? From committees? Recruit for committees?
      • Skills needed: grant writing, accountant, sticktoitiveness
    • How to communicate to members about this?
    • Board member perks?

● Tabled: 2020 Events

    • Pancake Breakfast in Spring – May? Location = Gould Mesa? Loma Alta Park?
    • Membership drive?
    • Other?
  • Tabled: Bylaws updates
    • President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary: term limits?
    • One or more board positions elected by members?
    • Updates for modern communication technologies?
  • Tabled: Email/Eblast system


Motion to close meeting by Andrew, seconded by Jon, unanimously approved at 9:30pm.