Trail Work

Chain Gang activities

Tools are Cool

There is a tool for just about everything When you do trail work with us, you may need to know what tools you will be using, what they look like and their function. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the most important thing about the tools. Safety. Safety First. Safety Always. Your …

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MWBA Trail work 101

Would you like to be an active part of our trail conservation movement and help maintain/build sustainable trails?  But are you hesitant because you don’t know what to expect? That’s perfectly normal. Most of us when we first got involved with trail work had no idea what we were doing, nor did we know how …

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Words, good

Provided below is a list of words that you might over hear on a trail work day. If you are more of a visual person and words are bad, here is a visual aid on some of the terms provided below. Backslope – The excavated bank on the uphill side of a trail tread. Berm – The raised …

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