Cem Atli

Cem (pronounced “Jem”) joined the MWBA Board of directors as of December 2017 as the Treasurer.

Where did you grow up?  Belgium, Turkey and USA.

Do they have turkeys in Turkey?  Yes.

Interests/hobbies?  Bike riding of all sorts, snowboarding, motorcycles, drinking, skateboarding, subarus & gaming.

Five facts about yourself that others may not know:

  1. I was taken into emergency room three times from snowboard related injuries.
  2. I am the shortest guy in my family (I’m 6’).
  3. I make a pretty damn good key lime pie.
  4. When the pizza place I worked at during college caught on fire, I was fox news famous for 30 seconds.
  5. Sometimes I say “hella”, not proud of it.

What do you for living?  I am the lead Logistics and Operations person for a Los Angeles based collectible/toy company. Pretty much the least exciting job at a toy company. Well, exciting is a relevant term here.

Any heroes? Influencers? Punk rockers, skateboarders, mountain bikers, philosophers, snowboarders, political activists, street artists, decent politicians & Baffert.

Where would you want to travel to next? India, Vietnam and Thailand.