Shamane Morejon, President

Sunset views by dirt are what I live and breathe for. Exploring the mountains and the ecology within give me a peace and sense of “self” of which words could never justify, and my goal is to expand access, knowledge, and nature therapy to the urbanites of Los Angeles.

I joined MWBA, thanks to a hot cup of conversation at River Camp Coffee, in giving back to the trails we love through sweat equity in 2017. I helped finished out the Gabrielino Restoration and co-curated the Historical Exhibition at Mission Workshop. The team was inspiring, authentic, and thirsty for change (and beer)!

Trail Stewardship builds a strength in our community, on the micro and macrocosmic scale, so when the opportunity arose to take leadership in a team that works with the Forest Service to essentially be architects of our magical mountains, my heart jumped in without hesitation. I am stoked to expand my own knowledge of trail sustainment and build symbiotic relationships between mountain ecology, city dwellers, and dirt loving organizations for the greater good of the whole. #benicesayhi

I am a #dirtfoo at heart, from cyclocross to fixed gear to mountain bikes, submerging myself into adventure without hesitation. My first mountain bike rides were through the slick rocks of Utah and Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The first time I rode up the Angeles Crest was on fixed gear, raced for Pure Cycles and SWAT (She Wolf Attack Team) in SoCalCross along with underground street races since 2012, and my first heart exploding sufferfest of the Angeles National Forest dirt initiation was with Golden Saddle Cyclery at the Mudfoot Dirty Hundo in 2014. Beyond that I backpack, bikecamp, hike, working towards success in urban architectural installations, curate healing events, and explore deeper levels of consciousness with the Universe.

Favorite Trail: Silver Moccasin