Jason Chiodo, Director

Jason and Wendy racing in Powell River, BC CanadaOne day, my dad offered up a proposal. I could replace my trusty, sparkly blue Kent 16” with an honest-to-goodness, fully spec’ed and totally rad BMX bike, if only I could prove that I could ride down the driveway with the training wheels off. I’d never really operated a socket wrench prior to that day, but as it turns out; my journey into the joy of both riding and fixing bikes began at that moment, and I haven’t looked back since. Raised on a steady diet of the mud, roots and rocks of Western Pennsylvania; I kickstarted my mountain biking habit in 1992. I spent over 15 years as a professional bike mechanic before finding myself living at the foot of the San Gabriels and working as a sound re-recording mixer in the film industry.

My history of volunteerism with MWBA began in 2006, when I attended my first Pancake Breakfast and continued as a trail work contributor  Now, I’ve decided to give back in a much larger capacity as a board director to help ensure that the future of the association is as bright as its history is deep. If you don’t find me at my Altadena home with my wife Wendy (who shreds!), two dogs and cat, I’ll likely be out on my favorite local trail: El Prieto in the Angeles National Forest.