Carson Blaker, Director

My first bike was a BMX but I couldn’t stick many tricks on it and it didn’t perform great on the moto track in the wash behind my house in Tucson. Upgraded to some bigger wheels as a teenager, but pretty much stopped cycling for about a decade during and after college. I took up riding bikes again after moving to Los Angeles in the hopes of improving my physical and mental health. It worked! 

Weeknight rides with Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club introduced me to the Verdugos and the easier frontside trails, but it was not long before I joined more epic weekend adventures in the San Gabriel Mountains. After one of those big Sunday rides the group suggested we get some pancakes and–to my surprise–we headed over to Farnsworth Park instead of to the nearest pancake house. I looked around at my first MWBA Pancake Breakfast and knew I’d found my people. 

Since that day I’ve been a proud MWBA member, and have the honor of serving the organization as a regular trailwork volunteer, Sawyer A with the chainsaw crew, Trail Boss, and Board Director. I passionately believe in supporting and expanding the trail users’ community in Los Angeles through exemplary stewardship of our trails. So, let’s go ride!