Board Director Emeritus, Pierre Dupuy Bio

Pierre DupuyPierre Dupuy, a fourth generation Los Angelino, was born and raised in Altadena, California. He went to grammar school at St. Elizabeth’s, high school at La Salle and obtained a BA in Communication Arts from Cal Poly Pomona in 1982. Pierre has had a varied work experience from JPL to KNBC .

It was in 1984 while traveling as Director of Marketing for Circus Vargas, America’s Big Top Giant, that Pierre got hooked on mountain biking. While promoting the circus in and around Chicago, Pierre decided to buy a fat tired urban assault bike that would handle the rigors of city riding. He purchased a Schwinn King Sting, which was really a five speed beach cruiser with blue anodized rims. Stairs and curbs were no problem! A few months later while promoting in Las Cruces, New Mexico, someone stole the King Sting and Pierre purchased his first real mountain bike, a Ross Hi Tech, with gold anodized rims!

Upon returning to LA, Pierre began riding in the local mountains, including regular trips to Henninger Flats. Mountain bikers were a relatively new user group at the time and controversy ensued. It was then that Alan Armstrong, a friend and fellow mountain biker formed the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association and Pierre joined in the effort.

In 1987, Pierre began working as a Certified Legal Video Specialist and in 1989 founded Habeas Videas. For the last twenty five years Habeas Videas has provided video litigation support in a wide variety of civil cases. In addition, Pierre has a long history in the local music scene dating back to 1975 when he played drums in the infamous punk band, The Child Molesters. He went on to play and record for a host of original bands over the next thirty-five years. Eight years ago, Pierre formed a band called Wreck N Sow who write and record Folk/Bluegrass original tunes and perform regularly around the region.

Pierre continues to live in Altadena with his wife of 16 years, Monique, and is still a regular rider out on the trails celebrating thirty years on a mountain bike. “At this point, I’m afraid to stop riding!”