Isaac West


Isaac on a Ken Burton restoration work day. Photo by Mark Skovorodko

Isaac West was invited to join MWBA in late 2016, and was more then eager to jump onboard.  After contributing to many trail work days over the last year and maintaining active certification as a USFS Chainsaw Sawyer, it was an ideal next step.

Originally from Ann Arbor Michigan, Isaac grew up both touring the countryside with his Granny on road bikes and terrorizing the city on BMX bikes.  While working as a bike shop mechanic in high school, he was given a taste of the gateway wheel known as 26 and was hooked.  Isaac continued mountain biking the midwest while at Purdue, and beyond to both the east and west coasts, before taking a small hiatus for adventure motorcycling.  He re-discovered his love of mountain biking in the Angeles National Forest, and it was all uphill from there.  The ability to access the far and remote by such simplicity as a bicycle is what truly makes this thrilling, rewarding, and meditative.  Maintaining sustainable, fun, and challenging trails as a form of recreation for all users is an important contribution to the community.

You can often find him taking photos ( ) and riding local Brown Mountain favorites such as El Prieto or Ken Burton, or higher up in one of many Angeles National Forest trails.  Isaac’s favorite trails are The Whole Enchilada and the San Juan Huts route from Durango to Moab.  He rolls on a 5010 and a Hayduke.
To fund the love, Isaac works as a Project Engineer for industrial production of hydrogen.