Secretary, Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez joined the MWBA board as of January 2017.

Photo by Called to Creation. Melody Mcclain.

Carlos fell in love with biking when he got his first BMX -back in Costa Rica. Living in the country side allowed him to build jumps and dirt trails around his grandparents’ farm. Mountain biking was the natural thing to do while pursuing his degree in Ecology and Tourism.

After moving to California, Carlos took a hiatus from biking and focused on playing drums for almost 10 years. The dirt called him back in 2011 and that quickly exposed him to racing (for TCMtb Racing Team) which allowed him to learn about the friendly and growing community of mountain biking in SoCal.

Carlos believes in “giving back” whether it’s by helping a new rider, participating in fund raisers or doing trail work. Joining MWBA:  “I believe that the most impactful way of contributing to a cause is through a long-term commitment, you get to see ideas become a reality that will benefit many individuals”.

Favorite bike: Giant Trance SX.  Her name: “Goldilocks”. Carlos remains attached to his very fist MTB: a 2011 Giant Trance X2. Something about long-term relationships…

Carlos is an Enterprise Applications Manager at a law firm in DLTA. He loves implementing computer systems to solve business problems.