Board Director Emeritus, Banner Moffat

Banner If you have ever hiked, biked or rode your horse up and down El Prieto, then you’ve enjoyed the hard labor of Banner Moffat. Banner created Friends of El Prieto when he realized no one was working on the trails he loved to ride. He occasionally gathered his friends to work on the trail, but more often than not, you would find him toiling by himself. Banner’s blisters on his hands and sweaty brows is a testament to his dedication of trail work and maintenance since 1998. After every storm, you can spot Banner and his friends on El Prieto clearing away the branches, rebuilding tread and improving drainage trenches.

When Banner is not working on the trails or riding his Trek Superfly FS (he’s ridden El Prieto more than 2000 times), he spends his time in a more urban setting, inspecting buildings for the City of Los Angeles. He also dedicates a good chunk of his time coaching high school students with the Southern California High School Cycling League.

Banner agreed to join forces with MWBA in 2013 and we could not be happier! We are very lucky to be able to tap into Banner’s working knowledge of trail building and local history, and dedication to trail etiquette and advocacy. We are proud to be a part of Banner’s circle of “Friends.”