Montana Decision Could Shape Access Nationwide

When is the last time you thought about Montana? Believe it or not, anti-bike policies originating in Big Sky Country could close trails in your home state. IMBA needs your help to fight a potential precedent that could ban bicycles from backcountry areas across the United States — maybe even your favorite singletrack.

To prevent this looming threat, IMBA needs all the legal resources we can gather. Please donate to the Legal Advocacy Fund today, so we can continue fighting on your behalf.

The matter at hand is a policy from Montana-based Region One of the U.S. Forest Service. Their plan is to group mountain bikes with motorized users, and call bicycles an “incompatible use” for backcountry areas. The result? One thousand miles of the best trails (including sections of the Continental Divide Trail) in Montana could be lost to cyclists.

Worse yet, this policy could spread across the nation.

Without a robust Legal Advocacy Fund, we will not be adequately prepared to fight this crucial battle. IMBA is facing formidable opponents that command abundant resources and large professional staffs.

Many Forest Service staffers embrace our quiet sport, and are willing to partner with mountain bikers to produce first-class trails. However, the decisions being made in Montana have the potential to damage the remarkably positive partnership we have worked so hard to establish. Since Forest Service plans control access for 15 years before they are reevaluated it is crucial that we take action now.

Will you stand up against Forest Service policy that does not include appropriate bicycling opportunities by making a donation today? We need all the help we can get to present the truth about mountain bikes, take legal action, if required, to maintain our right to ride and reinforce our strong ethic of conservation and stewardship.

Thank you for your support!


Jenn Dice
IMBA Government Affairs Director

PS: We just learned of new opportunities for opening singletrack trails in Marin County, California. Once again, however, opposing groups are threatening to take legal action against us. The Legal Advocacy Fund is earmarked for exactly this kind of situation, so please contribute what you can.