2008 Mt. Wilson Bike Assoc. Annual Pancake Breakfast!

On April 27, 2008 Mt. Wilson Bike Assoc. will be putting on their 19th Annual “Save the Trails” fund raiser Pancake Breakfast! This is a great fundraiser that helps support the local volunteer trail working groups. We are honored this year to not only welcome back Mr. Keith Bontrager, we also welcome Mr. Gary Fisher to our festivities! These two legends of the sport will be attending a morning ride the day of the event and will be attending the fund raiser. There will be tons of prizes to be raffled off and plenty of Pancakes! So come on down and join in! There will also be a Bar-B-Que the day before the event on Saturday April 26, 2008! See posted flyer for complete details of time and location.

Cobb Estate Map Location: Cobb Estate Map Location JPL/Windsor Parking Lot (Brown Ride) Location: Brown Ride Start Bar-B-Que Map Location: Pasadena Cyclery