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El Prieto Trail work

El P_2013_11_24_02s

What a day! Approximately 25 volunteers came out to help fix a couple of spots on El Prieto. It was great to see so many people come out and lend a helping hand with one of our most used and beloved trails. With so many volunteers, we were able to complete …

Back on the Trail Again

MWBA gathered a few volunteers to do some brush work on Lower Sunset just above the Millard Campground on October 27, 2013. Present were Matt Lay, David Zaitz, David Reading, Tara Orr, Mike Orr, Doron Weinstein, Jenny Johnson, Carly Vong and the elusive Ray Herrera. We were able to clear the entire trail of overhanging brush as well as branches that were potential head hunters. As the fall/winter seasons progress and we get somewhat of a rainy season, be on the look out for dates to work on Upper Sunset where we will rock armor switchbacks and build proper drainage lines.

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Sunrise, Sunset

Our adopted trail received a mini-facelift early Sunday morning on Sept 23. A group of dedicated volunteers joined us at 7:00 am to improve and make safer a section of the trail just above the Sierra Saddle. A HUGE hearty thank you goes out to our sister organization, CORBA, specifically, Steve Messer, who incidentally, co-authored a fantastic guide to mountain biking in Los Angeles  called Where to Bike Los Angeles MTB. Check out Steve’s baby here.  And Hans Kiefer, Owner of BellFree Contractors, a company that has been in the forefront of trail and pedestrian bridge construction for over 35 years. Check them out here.

While Hans taught the rest of us newbies the ins and outs of composite retaining wall building, Steve led the other volunteers as they rock armored 2 switchbacks that needed a lot of attention. I must say, we did some fine work! We are beyond impressed at the quality of work that was achieved in a relatively short period of time. This could not have happened with out the 14 volunteers who represented a slew of our local organizations including MWBA, CORBA, PMBC, Pasadena Cyclery, SoCal HS Cycling League and  PAA. It was a match made in trail-building heaven.

Enjoy our work by riding Sunset! Let us know what you think by commenting on our FB page at

As always, please contact us at [email protected] if you stumble across a section on Sunset Ridge that needs attention.

Follow this link to watch a time lapse video of the composite retaining wall construction, courtesy of Steve Messer.

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