New Year, New Schedule

In case you haven’t heard, MWBA has made the commitment to do trail work at least once a month this year. Mark your calendars for the 3rd weekend of every month. We will publish the details each month, but expect to find us on one of our local San Gabriel Mountain trails. Along with our scheduled monthly trail days, Banner Moffat continues to work on El Prieto on Fridays. Feel free to send us an email if you can’t make it on the weekends, but have time on Fridays. [email protected]


For most of 2014, we’ve been working closely with our sister organization, CORBA to get Strawberry Peak in riding shape. Rumor has it, it will finally be re-opened in May! Thank you to all  of the great volunteers who have come out and broken a sweat to make this happen!

Lastly, we are working to get Sunset back in decent condition. Our goal is to create sustainable trails that can weather through the rain storms. We are grateful that through the expert help from CORBA, the switchbacks we’ve worked on to date are, for the most part, still intact and rideable. There are 2 switchbacks on the second half of the trail that needs our armored love. Thanks to MWBA member and volunteer, Erik Hillard, we were able to spend a Friday morning digging in the dirt and moving rocks around. Let us know what you think! Also if you see a section of trail anywhere in the San Gabriel Mountains that need some attention, please email us or contact us on Facebook!

Erik Hillard!

New Board Member, Erik Hillard

Please help us welcome our new board member, Erik Hillard!  At this week’s meeting, Erik was unanimously approved to the board as his contributions to MWBA have proven valuable this year.  We are very happy to have him aboard.

Erik is a natural leader with an entrepreneurial spirit; he owns and operates Altadena based Running Pixels.  He is a digital capture specialist and works closely with commercial photographers to create the perfect shot.  Erik hails from Central CA by parents who ran guided hiking trips in the Sierras.  Working at a local bike shop in high school, Erik learned to mountain bike in the epic Santa Cruz Mountains.  ”I was taught that other trail users were a valuable resource and it was advantageous to be respectful and courteous.”  We look forward to Erik’s visual journal of our work in the San Gabriel Mountains and his contributions as a MWBA board member.

In a few weeks, MWBA will have our long-sleeved trail work shirts designed by Erik.  Also, great MWBA riding jerseys are in the works. Soon you will be able to represent MWBA on your rides in the San Gabriel Mountains with our beautiful new jerseys!

You can find Erik on our local trails mainly during the week, if his schedule allows, riding a Niner SIR 9.

Again, welcome Erik!

The New Board is sooo Old School!

Our first annual membership meeting was a complete success and very productive. Mitch Marich who is the acting President until that role gets officially filled opened up the meeting by way of introductions and a brief history of MWBA. Jenny Johnson followed up with data regarding membership as well as what we’ve been up to for the past 2 years. David Zaitz briefed the members on our financial status and just to calm everyone down after the melee during our board elections, Matt Lay gave the run down on our trail work activity for the year.


The most exciting part of the evening was the election of our new board members. The evening was madness as it was reminiscent of a pre-Civil War Congress filled with flying Whig powder, canes and pistols. A 3-way duel almost broke out between new board nominees. It was an electrifying evening filled with passion for trail work and the desire to be a vital part of our organization. Once the powder settled and the votes were tallied, everyone put down their weapons and hugged it out, as all of our nominees were elected to the board!


A hearty welcome goes out to Banner Moffat, the founder and driving force behind Friends of El Prieto; Pierre Dupuy, a founding member of MWBA who we have “re-found” and plays the guitar and wears overalls in a band called Wreck N Sow; and Brad Benam, another re-found member of MWBA.


We are very excited to have them all aboard as they bring, collectively, a vast knowledge of trail work and advocacy as well as years of experience.


PS: The new board members have sworn an oath to leave their canes, pistols, pugilistic antics and most importantly, their powdered wigs, at home. Please feel free (and safe) to join us for our next meeting on January 14, 2014.


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