MWBA & the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

20140622-DSC00031As a result of a newspaper article in the Pasadena Star News, the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument proposal has spurred many questions from our members.  The article inaccurately states Judy Chu met with MWBA after the recent Baldwin Park meeting. MWBA has yet to have a personal audience with Chu but we are hoping to do so in the near future.  However, IMBA has met on our behalf with multiple parties in Washington DC about the monument and indeed met with Chu’s staff in DC.

Following the public meeting in Baldwin Park, the MWBA Board collectively decided we needed to get into the mix and be a part of the discussions to preserve mountain biking access in the San Gabriel Mountains. We strongly believe that sitting at the discussion table is the best way to ensure continued mountain bike access in our beloved backyard.

Our board members have spent hours asking questions about the proposal to clear the fog about what a monument designation would actually mean. In collaboration with other local organizations, MWBA has written a FAQ and statement letter about the National Monument. MWBA support of the monument is conditional upon protection of mountain bike access.  After the proclamation, the Forest Service would need to develop a management plan which could include a trails strategy. Within a trails strategy there are often opportunities for new trails or substantial improvements and thoughtful system design. Those improvements often render existing routes superfluous thus needing restoration. The recent Fort Ord National Monument on the Central Coast (where the Sea Otter Classic races are held) was written in a manner to specifically protect bike access. IMBA was involved in the Ford Ord proposal and MWBA has rallied the same characters to assist in protecting our access to the San Gabriel Mountains.

Linked below is the FAQ jointly created with CORBA, IMBA, San Gabriel Mountains Forever, Conservation Lands Foundation, and The Wilderness Society.  The FAQ addresses the common questions buzzing around a National Monument designation and how it would effect our local lands. Most importantly, the FAQ addresses how a National Monument designation can be very flexible and tuned to local needs.

Click to view the FAQ pdf file:  Joint-SGMNM-FAQ

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Trail Work to Ride Shuttle Program


MWBA is excited to announce our new collaboration with Southern California Outdoor Adventurers (SCOA). SCOA provides legal shuttle service to various trail heads in the San Gabriel Mountains, for those days when you want to go full hog on your dh bike or you only have enough time to ride down the mountain without “earning” your ride.

Here is your chance to earn your ride but in a different capacity. Come work on the trails with us and get a free shuttle ride! It’s pretty simple; there are only 3 steps.

1. Send an email to [email protected] and let us know you plan on joining us for an upcoming trail day. Remember, we work on the trails every 3rd weekend of every month. We will make sure SCOA knows you earned your ride.

2. Show up for trail day and work. Initially, you must perform 2 trail work days to earn your first free ride, but after that, each subsequent trail work day will earn you a shuttle ride.

3. Schedule your shuttle service online at and ride! As with all offers that are almost too good to be true, there is fine print and you should learn it, love it and live it.

Fine print: Redeemable shuttles are 4:30PM on Saturdays and Sundays and 5:30 PM or later shuttles during the week. Earned rides are not transferable. Unused rides are zeroed out December 31st each year. Use it or lose it.

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Share the Trail

To encourage trail courtesy and with permission from the USFS, MWBA installed “Share the Trail” signs at a few of the busiest trail junctions in our local San Gabriel mountains.  This week we installed a sign at Eaton Saddle where many riders start their descent into Altadena.  Signs were also put up at the start of Sunset Trail and along the popular El Prieto single track.

Please remember its very important to yield to horses and hikers.  A bell is appreciated by all and will change your descending experience when people know you are coming around the corner.

Say hello and wish people a good day!  Being friendly goes a long ways!

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